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Rapunzel! Rapunzel!

Let down your hair!

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Rapunzel is a Fable. She has golden blond hair that she tries to keep cut short...She can't stay in any one place for more than 45 minutes according to Fable law, which has strict rules for interacting with the Mundane world (read: The Mundy, mundies= not Fables).

You see, Rapunzel's hair grows at a rate of four inches per hour, on average. People tend to notice things like that, and Fables go to great lengths to keep their existence a secret from the Mundies.

She gets her hair cut by her friend Joel Crow three times a day: 8:00 am, 4:00 pm, and Midnight.

She makes her living selling her hair to various wigmakers worldwide, under the guise of being a colony of Amish girls.

She lives under the most restrictive conditions of any of the city Fables, to prevent any mundanes from noticing how fast her hair grows. She cannot visit the same Mundy shop or establishment more than once in a three week period, she cannot stay in any one Mundy place for more than twenty minutes at a time. She can go to the movies, because it's dark, as long she she doesn't talk to anyone.

Most of Rapunzel's canon can be found HERE. Four large scans under the cut! If anyone has scans from her appearances in the Cinderella series, I'd be much obliged if you could send them!

I am not Rapunzel. This version of Rapunzel belongs to Vertigo Comics and it's related Empire of Awesomeness. She is being used by me for the purpose of role play at and milliways_bar an no profit is being made from her use. Her PB is currently Christine Applegate and her image is being used without permission.